This isn't my strongest suit. I have tried multiple fft/sftp programs in Mint, and I cannot sftp (ssh) into the server. I have the exact same settings in xubuntu on another machine and it hooks up immediately. I now have a bare bones sftp program called barefft installed on both machines. There isn't a lot of settings: Host: rahs.net Login name password: port 22 SSH(SFTP)

Like I said, it works in xubuntu, but not in Mint. I've also tried Filezilla, but I couldn't get that to work in either of them, though it worked fine in Debian. Is there something that different amongst these variants of Debian? Anyway, any ideas on what I could be doing wrong. Mint 4.9.3

Update: I did find that I can easily SFTP into the server in Terminal, so I guess my issue is that none of the graphical ftp programs are working for me in the Mint XFCE environment.

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