I am running Fedora 23 with Plasma desktop env. I just installed MATE using the command: dnf install mate-desktop but in the login screen I can't see "MATE" as an option for desktop env. I only see there two options: "Plasma" and "Failsafe".

Why? and how can switch from plasma to MATE?


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Try dnf groupinstall mate-compiz (I got this by running dnf grouplist -v). That will install all of the packages that are part of the MATE desktop environment, rather than just the mate-desktop package, which (even tithe name suggests more) is just this:

Name        : mate-desktop
Summary     : Shared code for mate-panel, mate-session, mate-file-manager, etc
Description : The mate-desktop package contains an internal library
            : (libmatedesktop) used to implement some portions of the MATE
            : desktop, and also some data files and other shared components of
            : the MATE user environment.

You may also want dnf groupinstall mate-applications.

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