I am trying to debug a vagrant- or VirtualBox related problem (see taiga-vagrant fails to provide a working taiga environment #21).

The command VAGRANT_LOG=debug vagrant up --debug prints out plenty of, probably, useful information. Where is this log stored however?

Edit: VAGRANT_LOG=debug vagrant up is actually the same as vagrant up --debug. I work on/with: Funtoo-Linux, Vagrant 1.4.3 and VirtualBox 4.3.32.

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Vagrant does not keep any logs. The output of, for example vagrant up --debug, can be redirected to a file like

vagrant up --provision --debug &> debug_log

Fragment from an IRC session in #vagrant at Freenode:

[18:29] <NikosA> ada: really, where is the debug "file" stored, by default? Isn't there any?

[18:29] <ada> vagrant does not write to log files


[18:29] <ada> virtualbox does

[18:29] <NikosA> I am even trying to >> debug_log in the command line, and it simply does not keep any of these valuable details.

[18:29] <NikosA> ok, so I'd check for the VBox logs?

[18:30] <ada> if you're using the vbox provider, yes


[18:31] <dtrainor> NikosA, redirect the output with &>

  • Why do we need to have &? I usually just use > but seems it's not sufficient.. I am interesting to learn
    – OZZIE
    Dec 4, 2019 at 9:06
  • To redirect file descriptors (stdout,stderr) you use >&FD., so to send stderr to stdout add >&1
    – Engineer
    Mar 31, 2022 at 2:26

Per an answer on Stackoverflow, VirtualBox will store logs at ~/VirtualBox VMs/vagrant_box_name/Logs.

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