I got a script running (as cronjob) that will list the files in a folder before doing a Rsync job and emailing me the list. How can I add a subject line.

find /path/to/folder/ -type f -size +1M -name "*.mov" -printf "%f\n" | ssmtp my_email@domain.com

I tried this with -s "Subject" but no luck. It only works if I put the subject in a text file and call this text file

find /path/to/folder/ -type f -size +1M -name "*.mov" -printf "%f\n" | my_email@domain.com < /path/to/file/subjectline.txt

But than it won't add the search results in the Message.

Any thoughts on what I am doing wrong,



Try this:

    echo To: my_email@domain.com
    echo From: from_email@example.com
    echo Subject: mov files greater than 1M
    find /path/to/folder/ -type f -size +1M -name "*.mov"
} | ssmtp my_email@domain.com

You don't need the printf on find.

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  • Awesome that works really well. The only reason I had the -printf "%f\n" was to trim of the full path and just have the filenames. Thank you very much that was really helpful. – Bas Nov 20 '15 at 11:21

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