I have a BASH script I wrote that removes META data off mp3 (etc) then I chop them up to reform them if needed resample the mp3 and reasign the data to make a directory to corraspond to artist / album ...

I got a hold of some mp3's that have non english chars in the middle of the song title. I need to know the best way to remove that middle part leaving both ends of the sting put back together to the title of the song. using exiftool I strip the META data off giving me this output placed into the var-name

 ARTIST1="`exiftool -Artist "$FILENAME" -p '$Artist'`"
 TITLE1="`exiftool -Title  "$FILENAME" -p '$Title'`"
 ALBUM1="`exiftool -Album  "$FILENAME" -p '$Album'`"

first strip... Artist is -> The Stranglers and Friends
first strip... Album is -> Live in
first strip... Title is -> The Raven – With Basil Gabbi

song title in META Data

The Raven – With Basil Gabbi

how would I strip what is between the META data song name to get this instead?

The Raven With Basil Gabbi

where the syntext would look something like this

 newSongName="$( what ever code goes here to strip out that non english sting part )"

so I can write the new string back into the file replacing the old META data with the new string.


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This should get you pretty close:

newSongName=$(echo "$TITLE1" | tr -dc '[:print:]')

It tells tr to delete characters that are not in the print class name. You could experiment with other character classes as needed.


The string with garbble in it ->

 $ x="The Raven ƒÆ’¢â‚¬â€œ With Basil Gabbi"

this keeps hold of all caps and lower case a-z removes everything else

$ echo ${x//[^A-Za-z ]/}

Leaving the string like this

The Raven With Basil Gabbi

would look like this in the script

## holds on to normal chars getting rid of the rest
title=${title//[^A-Za-z ]/}
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    Don't forget punctuation that you might want -- commas, apostrophes, periods, etc... – Jeff Schaller Nov 19 '15 at 20:59

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