Sorry if this has been asked before, but I haven't found anything so far.

Here's the thing: I have a string and a pattern, and want to surround the pattern inside the string with brackets.

While I want to surround the pattern regardless if it has been matched case-sensitively or not, I want to have it in the same case as it was in the original string.

Here's my best try so far:



echo $STRING | sed "s/$PATTERN/[$PATTERN]/Ig"

The output for this is A[b]C[b]D. However, I would like it to be A[B]C[B]D.

If the pattern was B instead of b, the output should also be A[B]C[B]D.

If the string was abcbd instead of ABCBD, the output should be a[b]c[b]d for both patterns B or b.

Do you know any tricks to achieve this? I am glad for any help.


You can do it with sed as well.

echo $STRING | sed -e "s/\($PATTERN\)/[\1]/Ig"

If you don't mind Perl, it's:

echo $STRING | perl -pe "s/($PATTERN)/[\1]/ig"

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