I am using a terminator layout to start multiple terminals, and would like to call an alias at each terminal start which is defined in my .bash_aliases (called by both .bashrc and .profile). Terminator unfortunately doesn't know about those aliases when starting the terminals. How can I fix that?

I start terminator with this command:

terminator -l my_layout -f


As a temporary solution, I ssh -A -YC into myself and then run the alias. All this as a custom command.

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Set an environment variable for your Terminator windows, and call the aliases from your .bashrc. In terminator's config:

      order = 0
      parent = ""
      type = Window
      labels = Alias0, Alias1, None
      order = 0
      parent = child0
      type = Notebook
      order = 0
      parent = alias0
      profile = root
      type = Terminal
      order = 1
      parent = child1
      profile = alias1
      type = Terminal
      order = 2
      parent = child1
      profile = default
      type = Terminal

    custom_command = MY_ALIAS=0 bash
    use_custom_command = True
    custom_command = MY_ALIAS=1 bash
    use_custom_command = True

And in .bashrc:

case $MYALIAS in
    0) alias0
    1) alias1

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