I found a new utils called airserv-ng a have tested him and I have a problem : I want to use airserv-ng on one computer and airodump-ng on another. I test that but the problem is when I want to run airserv-ng it is an error that told me to run it in monitor mode. But when I run it in monitor mode I can't access to this by using ip address (tcp).

Here is the command I tipe on the first computer:

sudo airserv-ng -d wlan0
:(error)(run 'airmon-ng start wlan0')
sudo airmon-ng start wlan0
sudo airserv-ng -d mon0

on the second computer :

sudo airplay-ng -9 (ip):666
(666) it's the default port 

the problem is the (ip) because in the first computer the wireless card was set in monitor mode so it haven;t a ip address specified. There someone can help me to solve this problem please.


Your airserv-ng machine will need one connection in monitor mode and a second adapter (Ethernet, Bluetooth, or wireless, doesn't matter) for connecting to a network.

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