i am using the latest Linux Mint distro with two external keyboards connected to a laptop. Both are identical. Logitech K120

If I press letter a on both keyboards at the same time it seems that it only fires one keypress event. Result in the keyboard is: single a instead of aa.

If i press a on 1st keyboard and b on the 2nd one it works as expected: ab

I tried typing this in a console. Also checked in the browser by capturing and outputting all keypress events. When same letter pressed on both keyboards it fires only one event. When different letters - two separate events.

Note: I've also used xkbcomp to alter 2nd keyboard's layout in order to increase original eventcode numbers (ex: keyCode + 2000). Im doing a multiplayer game with two keyboards and one PC. Altering is needed to determine in JavaScript which keyboard sent what code.. (I decrease values in JavaScript to get actual typed characters).

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