After some struggle I managed to set up a Debian Testing and install the nvidia-driver as per Debian Wiki. Everything seems to work fine but this:

After logging in on the GNOME3 login screen, all I see is the noisy grey background from the login screen and the mouse cursor. When I move the cursor to the top right corner (settings icon would usually be there) and click, the menu actually opens, so I know the GUI is just hiding somehow. When I hit CTRL+ALT+F1, instead of going to TTY1, GNOME decides to actually load all GUI elements (wallpaper, panels, etc) and I can use the system as usual.

Any idea on why I have to trigger it with CTRL+ALT+F1 and how this could be fixed?

EDIT: Problem still persists two month later. I noticed that this only happens when I log in too fast. Letting the system settle for a couple of seconds before logging in will avoid the problem, hinting that something hasn't fully loaded yet when the login screen first appears.



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