I want to install Chromium on Fedora 23. To my knowledge, there are two available copr repositories:

Is there some major difference i should be aware of between these two?

EDIT: Update 2nd link to tested release


The owner of the first copr repository is a Redhat-employee working towards getting chromium into the official repositories. The work has only started a couple weeks ago, as Fedora weakened some of their packaging guidelines to allow selected packages to bundle their own libraries.


Both of them are unofficial repositories for Fedora. There is nothing you can not read from the description on the links:

The first one is

"stable" branch builds

The second one

haven't been tested.

But there is alternative repo to the second one with appendix "tested", which should generally work better and has also newer build.

  • Oh, sorry, I've posted a wrong link to the second repo. There is no official release for Fedora? – NefariousOctopus Nov 15 '15 at 13:52
  • No, so far there is no official release, because of packaging guidelines were quite strict. This has changed and now, there is ongoing work on the chromium to be in official repository, as stated in the other answer. But it will take some time. – Jakuje Nov 17 '15 at 18:05

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