I've bound a key to run a script with tmux's run-shell command, but I can't find any way to use color output.

  • normal ansi codes do not work, e.g.
    echo -e "\e[32mblah blah\e[0m"
  • tmux formatting does not work (nor did I expect it to), e.g.
    echo -e "#[fg=colour250]blah blah"
  • nor has anything else I've tried, like 256-color codes, e.g.
    printf "\x1b[38;5;57mblah blah"
  • if you can track it through tmux, then just write to its pty, or else, before you open tmux, export a variable like TMUX_PTY=$(tty) tmux ... and later write to that when you want it. – mikeserv Nov 15 '15 at 4:37

There is no workaround for run-shell, because tmux copies the data from the job in screen_write_vnputs, discarding any escape characters (as well as most other control characters). Here's the relevant chunk of code:

        if (*ptr == '\001')
            gc.attr ^= GRID_ATTR_CHARSET;
        else if (*ptr > 0x1f && *ptr < 0x7f) {
            screen_write_putc(ctx, &gc, *ptr);
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