I was testing the GNU assembler using intermediate code generated by gcc. I don't really understand the GNU assembly syntax at all, though I could learn it at some point. I ran the command as hello.s and then as hello.s -o hello. When I ran the executable, it said "Permission denied". Even when I tried to run it as root I still got the same message. I ran ls -l to check the file permissions and the permission bits are normal (rw-r--r--). What is going on here, and how can I fix this problem?

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    chmod +x hello – PSkocik Nov 14 '15 at 20:07
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    Oh god, why didn't I think of that? – Zen Hacker Nov 14 '15 at 20:09

When you compile a source code file, the newly generated output binary file has the permissions rw-r--r-- and is not executable, since there are no x in the string.

Make it executable by running

chmod +x hello

preceed the command with sudo if needed. After that, run the binary with ./hello.

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