I have a command that gives me a list of files, one on each line. Filenames are "normal" - no spaces, no need to escape parentheses etc.

Now I want to pipe that command to something like test -f and return true if and only if all of the files exist. (Behaviour with 0 lines can be undefined, I don't really care.)

So, something like

make_list_of_files | test -f

but actually working.

"Bashisms" are allowed, since I need it in Bash.

The files are not in the same directory, but they are in subdirectories of a current directory, and the paths have directory names in them, so for example

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    <infile xargs ls -l >/dev/null 2>&1 – don_crissti Nov 12 '15 at 23:43
    while IFS= read -r f; do
      test -e "$f" || return 1

make_list_of_files | allExist

This should work in all POSIX shells.


This becomes much easier using xargs, which returns a status code of 123 if any command returns a nonzero status:

if make_list_of_files | xargs ls &>/dev/null; then
    echo "All files exist";
    echo "here";

This could be done as a one-liner in (ba)sh as well:

$ make_list_of_files | xargs ls &>/dev/null || echo "missing file"
$ make_list_of_files | xargs ls &>/dev/null && echo "all files present"

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