I have a simple bash script named text.sh which looks like this:

read username
read password
echo "script attempted with $username $password"

I want to call it using something like this:

[root@ip- root]# ./test.sh bing s3cr3t

And have it echo back:

script attempted with bing s3cr3t

I can use <<< to get bing to print, but not both. I'm sure this is simple, but my Google-fu is failing since I don't know what keywords to search for.


What you want is to access the command-line arguments, not to read from standard input. A script with the proper method:

echo "script attempted with $username $password"

The special variables $1, $2 &c. contain the first, second &c. arguments passed on the running command line. More information available here, among many other places.

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    I remembered it was something simple, but couldn't remember this, thank you! I'll accept in 10 min, when it allows me to. – Bing Nov 12 '15 at 18:41

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