I wonder if it is allowed and by this possible that duplicate labels within a *.dts device tree file appear and if so what happens then?

Does a new label allow to overwrite/redefine the old label, for instance?

To make the question more transparent and clearer I would like to state the question what happens to this example dts data.

/ {
    #address-cells = <1>;
    #size-cells = <1>;
    chosen { 
        labelname: bootargs = "lalalallal";
        labelname: bootargs2 = "lalalallal";
    aliases { };
    memory { device_type = "memory"; reg = <0 0>; };

in which the we have a duplicate use of the label labelname.

The motivation to this question was the inability to find a clear and crisp documentation on the dts syntax telling that labels need to be unique

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    Please try to state your problem clearer, it is quite confusing the way it is. – Kira Nov 12 '15 at 15:12
  • @Kira Indeed I took your comment and added an example. Also by generating the example I was able to find out the answer myself using the example. Maybe somebody will yet be able to complement , enhance the issue (quesiton/answer) by a reference to a docu on the syntax. The reference to the rule "labels need to be unique" – humanityANDpeace Nov 12 '15 at 15:18

In a device tree one must not use duplicate labels. If doing so anyway and a duplicate is encountered by dtc it will yield an error like this:

ERROR (duplicate_label): Duplicate label 'labelX' on 'node' in /path and 'node2' in /path

I now just wished to have a reference to add to the documentation that would have made me aware of this "labels must be unique". Maybe some comment or additional/alternative answer can point to this resource I was yet unable to spot :)

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