I'm running Openbox on Manjaro, and I've come across a peculiarity trying to use write and wall with some friends. I use xfce4-terminal as my preferred terminal emulator, and I was never able to get any messages using these utilities.

If I logged in and did not startx, I could communicate on the base tty just fine. If I used Xterm things worked fine as well. I noticed though, that the xfce terminal does not create a new pts session, and the results of who showed only myself as tty1. However, trying to write or wall to tty1 here was no dice. ssh'ing from somewhere else, or using screen within the xfce terminal gave me a virtual pts, which could be written to.

I did note with w that the user on tty1 was running xinit /home/mmes/.xinitrc -- /etc/X11/xinit/xserverrc :0 vt1 -auth/yadayada all the time. This led me to believe that somehow the xfce terminal is sending commands through the x server somehow, without using a session of its own?

This situation has kind of baffled me, and I would love to hear thoughts why from someone who knows how these graphical terminal emulators actually work, as well as if they know how to write or wall messages there.



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