I'd like to launch Iceweasel and then take a screenshot. When I simply try to wait and take it, it works fine

sleep 10;import -window root root/scr/scr.png

however when I first launch the browser, no screenshot is taken

iceweasel https://www.facebook.com/;sleep 10;import -window root root/scr/scr.png

What am I missing?

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iceweasel is not a daemon and thus won't put itself into the background. Therefore the sleep 10 is only executed after iceweasel returns (i.e. after you closed it).

Instead put a & after your call to iceweasel in order to inform your shell that it should put the program into the background instead of waiting for it to return:

iceweasel https://www.facebook.com/ & sleep 10;import -window root root/scr/scr.png

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