I use CentOS 7 and like it, but want to use newer gnome-shell releases, but would prefer the current stable release and not the development version.

How do I choose/build a specific release (e.g. 3.18.1) using JHBuild?

  • @don_crissti Using other newer components would be a bonus. My question is about building a specific release, not about choosing specific components. Nov 10, 2015 at 14:08
  • I could also use Debian unstable, but I like a stable base with cherry picked newer versions. gnome-shell 3.8.4 has some specific flaws. Nov 10, 2015 at 14:12

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The GNOME release team publishes modulesets for each GNOME release that can be used to build that particular version of GNOME.
Now, if you read the jhbuild documentation, section Configuration File Reference:


A string or list of strings specifying the name(s) of the module set(s) to use. This can either be the filename of a moduleset included with JHBuild (excluding the path and extension), or a full HTTP URL to an externally managed moduleset.

So to use 3.18.1 modulesets edit ~/.config/jhbuildrc and modify moduleset e.g. assuming you've downloaded the 3.18.1 modulesets from gnome site in jhbuild/modulesets:

moduleset = [ 'gnome-apps-3.18.1' ]

or you could pass the URL:

moduleset = 'https://download.gnome.org/teams/releng/3.18.1/gnome-apps-3.18.1.modules'

or if you want to build with dependencies

moduleset = [ 'gnome-suites-core-3.18.1', 'gnome-suites-core-deps-3.18.1', 'gnome-apps-3.18.1' ]

and modules to build e.g. the UX meta module:

modules = [ 'meta-gnome-core-shell' ]

and then build gnome-shell:

jhbuild build gnome-shell

This is a very simplistic answer. Please read the official docs, especially BuildGnome - Introduction, the manual linked above and HowDoI - jhbuild. See also developing gnome-shell under jhbuild.

  • I edited ~/.config/jhbuildrc: moduleset = 'https://download.gnome.org/teams/releng/3.33.2/gnome-apps-3.33.2.modules' but: jhbuild update: could not download https://download.gnome.org/teams/releng/3.33.2/gnome-apps-3.33.2.modules: HTTP Error 404: Not Found
    – Scorpion
    Apr 11, 2021 at 14:30

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