folder1 contains only .flv files.

folder2 contains only .mp4 files.

All .flv files in folder1 SHOULD have a corresponding file ending in .mp4 in folder2 :

/folder1/123.flv and /folder2/123.mp4.

I need a script that will find any .flv's that are missing a .mp4 and execute a script that will run mencoder to create the corresponding .mp4. I've done my best, this is what I've come up with but am stuck with the IF THEN statements.

for i in `find /folder1 -type f -iname '*.flv' -printf "%f\n" | 
    sed 's/.flv//g'` ; do 
    if [[ -n $(find /folder2/$i.mp4 -exec grep \-q 0 {} \;) ]] then
        /scripts/script.sh $i  fi ; done

The bash script needs to be executed like so:

/scripts/script.sh $i 

so the filename without any extension.

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    looks like you have a semi-colon (or a newline) missing before the then and the fi. – cas Nov 9 '15 at 1:09

Try this:

find folder1 -type f -iname '*.flv' -exec bash -c \
    'f=${1#folder1/}; [ -f "folder2/${f%.flv}.mp4" ] || 
     scripts/script.sh "${1%.flv}"' none {} \;

This will work file's whose names contain whitespace or other difficult characters.

How it works

  • find folder1 -type f -iname '*.flv'

    This finds the flv files

  • -exec bash -c '...'

    For every flv file found this tells find to run bash which runs the script in quotes (see below).

  • f=${1#folder1/}

    This creates a variable f which has the name of the flv file without the leading directory.

  • [ -f "folder2/${f%.flv}.mp4" ]

    This tests to see whether a corresponding mp4 file exists.

  • ||

    This tells bash to execute the command which follows only if the preceding command returned false (in other words, if no such mp4 file was found).

  • scripts/script.sh "${1%.flv}"'

    This runs your script on those flv files that are missing mp4 files. The files are supplied to script.sh with the .flv part removed.

  • none {}

    This tells bash to assign the string none to $0 (this placeholder is never used) and to assign the name of the file found by find, denoted {}, to shell variable $1.

  • \;

    This signals the end of the find's -exec command.

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    Do you get paid to do this, because you should. Thanks a million – JCats Nov 9 '15 at 2:06

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