I've made an installation of ArchLinux on a new HP Envy 13 (i5-6200U). I've configured the distribution to use GNOME for the Graphics Display Manager (GDM).

My trouble is that for a new laptop, the graphics are painfully slow. On a previous Mint install on the same machine I was notified that the kernal was acting in Software Rendering Mode, and I feel this must be the case for my installation of Arch.

I've read the ArchWiki and it states Intel chipsets are expected to be 'plug-and-play'. The graphics are working (after all I am making this post from the laptop) but it struggles to play fullscreen video and shaders execute very slowly. I've not touched my Xorg.conf.d; maybe this could be the issue? My laptop screen also comes up as an 'Unknown Display' within Displays.

To confirm, running glxinfo | grep render confirms I'm using llvmpipe.

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