I recently got hacked so im being careful when changing the settings in my CentOS 7 iptables. I just opened ports 35000 to 40000 for FTP PASV connection, will this represent any security risks?

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If you are using a normal ftp connection, you got a security risk by default, due to the connection is not being encrypted. You will risk presenting critical data to an outside party. If you run a ssh server on that system you can use sftp insted to tunnel your ftp session over the ssh server.


You may reduce the likely hood of a random attack but your data is still visible in transit. There are 2 better options:

1) Install a SSL certificate in your FTP server to secure the data. Digital Ocean: Configure vsftpd to Use SSL/TLS on Ubuntu. This assumes your using VSFTPD. But there are plenty of how to's for other servers as well.

2) BEST OPTION Connect using SFTP. You likely already have a SSH connection if your changing server ports so dump the FTP server and use the SSH built in FTP function. Most FTP clients can connect to SFTP. (Not FTPS) I know winSCP and filezilla can. For bonus points generate a certificate and have password-less login (Its counter-intuitive but its more secure) Generate Key Pair for SSH and SFTP

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