Xcursor is a format for the graphics of the cursor in X11 (file reports X11 cursor).

xcursorgen allows you to convert PNG files and some metadata to Xcursor files.

How do I convert an Xcursor file to PNG images?

Imagemagick's convert unfortunately returns:

no decode delegate for this image format


Use xcur2png.

Xcur2png takes PNG images from Xcursor-file, and generate config-file which is reusable by xcursorgen. To put it simply, it is converter from X cursor to PNG image.

Basic usage

xcur2png cursorfile

Converting all cursor files of a theme

find . ! -name '*.*' -type f -exec xcur2png {} \;


There are only inofficial packages for Arch Linux and Ubuntu (64bit) but the app is hassle-free to compile.

This answer would not have been possible without don_crissti pointing out the tool.

  • The link to xcur2png is dead, but it is a funny page after translated – Adrian Apr 3 '18 at 21:56

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