I am working on a small home automation project using raspberry pi (OS -Raspbian).

I want to know how to add more than one crontab file using python-crontab module without replacing the previous entries in crontab -e?

I want to programatically (without manually going to crontab -e and adding the files there) schedule two python scripts - first script executes after every 5 minute and another executes after every 2 min.

I was successfully able to schedule first script using python-crontab module but when I scheduled second script, it replaced the first one in crontab -e. So how to schedule the new crontab file without replacing the previous one ?

If there is another way of crontab scheduling please do suggest with an example code :)

Note:- I want to schedule python scripts in crontab using python scripting only not manually adding the files at crontab -e.


If you want to write a script to add entries in cron (without using the text editor via crontab -e), it would be something like:

  • run crontab -l to a temporary file
  • check if your latest command is already in the file. If so, stop.
  • append the latest command to the temporary file
  • run crontab with the temporary file as a parameter, to replace the scheduled commands

For reference:

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