A deceptively simple question;

Can Apparmor on Ubuntu (any release) restrict network access for a specific application to a specific network interface?

If it can; an example/tutorial/etc link would be appreciated. Also what happens if the interface disappears (i.e. wifi is disabled etc.)?

If not; are there alternate solutions?

Cheers! / Daniel


Have a look at the ip command, specifically this sub-command netns, i.e. ip netns for setting up namespaces and the associated exec parameter to netns.

$ ip netns help
Usage: ip netns list
       ip netns add NAME
       ip netns set NAME NETNSID
       ip [-all] netns delete [NAME]
       ip netns identify [PID]
       ip netns pids NAME
       ip [-all] netns exec [NAME] cmd ...
       ip netns monitor
       ip netns list-id

For example:

$ ip netns exec ....
  • Welcome to Unix SE :) Could you elaborate your answer with an example ? – Ikaros Jun 13 '18 at 13:30

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