I have sub-folders named 00 01 02, ... n with each foldername containing at least 2 digits. I need to access these sub-folders in os-x terminal. The command

for i in $(seq -w 00 06); do
echo $i;

produces an output of 0 1 2 3 4 5 6. However, the above code in RHEL will produce an output of 00 01 02 03 04 05 06. How can I enforce mac terminal to produce an output of at least 2 digits similar to RHEL?


I don't have an os-x to try it on, but perhaps this alternative works:

seq -f '%02.0f' 0 6

OS/X comes with zsh, so you can write your script in zsh instead (note that you were already using zsh syntax (since your $i was not quoted which invokes the split+glob operator in bash):

for x in {00..06}; do
  echo $x

Posixly, you can always do:

x=0; while [ "$x" -le 6 ]; do
  printf '%02d\n' "$x"
  x=$((x + 1))


seq() (first=$1 last=$2 width=${3:-0} step=${4:-1}
  awk "BEGIN{for (i = $first; i <= $last; i += $step)
    printf \"%0${width}d\n\", i}"

unset -v IFS # make sure we get the default separator
             # for the split+glob invocation below
for i in $(seq 0 6 2); do
  echo "$i"

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