I can move it but rmdir and rm -rf fail even as root (failed to remove '/home': Operation not permitted). lsattr is all ----------.

Whenever I mv /home /home.bakN I get directories that are also unremovable plus a recreated /home with the same restriction after I reboot ("single" mode). I can remove everything else, I can create new files and directories, not a read-only partition.

I used to use a /home partition but I disabled it (replaced /home with /media/home in /etc/fstab) and I can successfully use a /home directory. I just don't understand why I can't remove it (again: it's not busy and no application uses it and no /home user is logged in).


It's a btrfs-specific issue: /home is a subvolume.

btrfs subvolume list -a /parent shows all subvolumes and btrfs subvolume delete dirname deletes them.

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