I am using Unix and accessing it through putty. I have saved IP address, color, font and other attributes in putty. But whenever I am sitting on other PC then I have to again change all this attributes.

Is it possible to save these changes in User .profile so that it will be reflected once I open's any session.

Thanks in advance.

  • tty setb [1-7] will set the color as sequired – Inder Mohan Nov 3 '15 at 19:36

PuTTY stores your customizations (IP-addresses, user-login information, colors) in the Windows registry's "CURRENT_USER" area (settings applying to you when you log in).

You can save those settings to a file (export) and restore (import) them on any Windows machine you use. To do the export, you use the regedit command, usually from a console window. regedit without parameters runs a graphical user interface which makes it easy to navigate to this tree


Right-click, export to file, e.g., putty.reg.

To import, you need only "open" the file from your desktop. You can also use regedit, but that is a needless step.

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