I have an Android tablet which is using Atom CPU, so I want to get Linux onto it.

I used Gentoo(4.2.4 kernel), everything is fine except for the touch screen. On Android I can see the following modules related to the touch screen:


Googling tells me that they're Goodix's and Atmel mXT's. Enabling them in kernel, and even trying this Goodix touch screen driver on GitHub, I still can't get an event for the touch screen in /dev/input(in Linux there are {0..4}, in android there are {0..6}, and after cat'ing them, event5 is the one that responds to touches).

My kernel config is this: Kernel config.

Now I wasn't to know about these:

  1. What generic kernel options does a touch screen need besides the ones I have enabled?
  2. If I got everything right, will I get a node for it in /dev and /sys?

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