I want to find all files in dir1 having corresponding same file names in dir2, and replace them with the files from dir2.

For example:

dir1: first.txt second.txt
dir2: third.txt first.txt

So I want to remove from dir1 the old first.txt file and replace it with first.txt from dir2.

How to achieve this using Bash terminal?


Actually, there's a single command that does exactly what you're asking.

rsync -av --existing dir2/ dir1/

This will recursively copy the files from dir2 into dir1 only if the file already exists in dir1.

The -av options are the options you'll usually use for copying files using rsync.

The --existing option tells rsync to skip creating new files on receiver.

You must have the trailing slash on dir2/ on the command line because rsync behaves differently than most commands in the slash has a meaning to rsync.

rsync can also be used over the network similar to scp.

rsync can handle many other types of file synchronization, updating, and backup tasks.

  • Thanks, Can you please help with this sub question: How can I dlete fromdir1 all duplicate files? – michael Nov 3 '15 at 11:22
  • Please post another question and describe as clearly as possible what you want to accomplish with examples, like you did on this question. – RobertL Nov 3 '15 at 11:23

rsync can do this with the --existing option:

rsync -v --existing dir2/* dir1/

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