We're running a 3rd party TTY service on our servers, to support some thin clients manufactured by the 3rd party.

From time to time, connection to a thin client can get locked up. Procedure is to stop the TTY service, wait for connections to close, start the TTY service. Additionally on CentOS 4.x servers the command init q

Normally we do this manually like this, from root.

service axtty stop

Stop the service

netstat -d | grep axel

Run and monitor the netstat command until all connections are closed, ie. No lines containing axel.

service axtty start

Start the service

Is there a way to sum all that up in a single automated shell script (bash)?

Servers are CentOS 4.x or 6.x



service axtty stop

while netstat -d | grep -q axel ; do
  sleep 1

service axtty start

NOTE: With GNU sleep, you could do sleep 0.1 or other floating point fraction of 1 second.

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