I have been facing a insuffient space in "/var/cache/yum" directory. due to this my gui of centos crashes.i want to increase the size of cache directory. also want to know the actual size of cache memory in servers

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    You do not increase the size of a directory. Instead you increase the size of the disk partition the <directory> resides on. And I'm certain that has been asked before. – Marco Nov 2 '15 at 7:44

You may find out the actual usage of the directory "/var/cache/yum" with

du -sh /var/cache/yum

IMHO there are two options for you:

  1. use a different partition, and mount it over /var/cache/yum. To do so, add a new parition to the system (eg. adding another distk) and mount it via

    mount -t /var/cache/yum

Keep in mind, that if you mount a partition over an existing directory (= mount point) then the original content is not available (= not visible) as long as the mount persists. So if you want to have the old content in the new directory, i recommend renaming the old directory first, and then copy the data after the mount.

  1. find out, where yum stores its cache configuration, and change it to point to a "bigger" partition with enough space. I cannot help there, since i dont know yum..

Good luck, Gerhard

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