Citing tmux man page:

The TERM environment variable must be set to “screen” for all programs running inside tmux. New windows will automatically have “TERM=screen” added to their environment, but care must be taken not to reset this in shell start-up files.

Is this this because tmux session can be attached to any terminal (e.g. remote), screen being lowest common denominator? If I know my terminal, can I force it without unexpected results, or would some unsupported capabilities break (like scrolling)?

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It does this to take advantage of the previously-installed terminal description for GNU screen.

Both tmux and screen provide applications with (more or less) the "same" terminal descriptions to simplify connecting from different terminals. The tmux and screen programs are supposed to handle the differences between the internal (TERM=screen) and external (xterm, linux, etc). So the screen terminal description has been installed "everywhere" (usually by ncurses).

There are some differences:

  • GNU screen has a very old problem representing the "standout" feature (which technically is not a specific terminal feature but rather an abstraction for the convenience of curses applications). tmux does not have that limitation. But the improved TERM=tmux is not necessarily "everywhere".
  • GNU screen has a feature for using hybrid terminal descriptions. Given the external TERM=xterm and the existence of "screen.xterm", it will choose that for the internal TERM value. (see for example the terminal database). tmux does not do that.
  • Provide applications with more or less the same terminal descriptions? Are you still talking about TERM=screen with tmux? Or comparing TERM=screen and TERM=tmux? | What simplifies connecting from different terminals?
    – x-yuri
    Commented Jan 7, 2022 at 20:36

As of tmux 2.1, you can use the tmux terminfo:

'default-terminal' is now a session option. Furthermore, if this is set to 'screen-*' then emulate what screen does. If italics are wanted, this can be set to 'tmux' but this is still new and not necessarily supported on all platforms with older ncurses installs

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