On my build of Arch Linux I've recently noticed a weird problem. After launching certain programs from the shell it will echo "Segmentation Fault (core dumped)".

Some examples of this are when I close shutter, launch chrome, launch sublime text, or close emacs.

As far as I can tell the segfaults aren't affecting the programs, but they show up consistently and it's starting to get kind of annoying.

I have no idea what's causing them, and couldn't find any info on it after searching around for a while.

My shell is bash and my terminal is urxvt.

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There are two common sources for this kind of problem (i.e. affecting multiple unrelated programs)

  1. Faulty memory. Use memtester or memtest86 to test your memory. Replace any bad DIMMs. If your motherboard supports it, buy ECC RAM - it's usually only 10-30% more expensive.

Note that some distros (e.g. debian) are conveniently configured to add a grub entry to run memtest86 when you install the memtest86 package. memtester can be run without having to reboot.

  1. A bad library that's common to all affected programs. Have you upgraded recently? At a guess, I'd start looking suspiciously at gnome/gtk libraries as all programs you mentioned either rely on them or can be compiled to use them. other potential suspects include libc6. You can use ldd to find out exactly which libs each program uses and compare them to find common libs.
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    I reinstalled gtk and noticed it segfaulted on install. That sent me searching through a chain of threads ending here. Turns out I didn't have intel microcode updates enabled. Thanks!
    – djscrew
    Nov 1, 2015 at 2:51

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