The goal:
Use local IDE (IntelliJ PHPStorm 9) to browse & edit remote files via SSH

The obstacle:
My user on the remote machine does not have permissions to read files, which are owned by otheruser, but I have access to sudo su otheruser. However, direct login with otheruser (ssh otheruser@remote) is disabled and modifying the permissions is not possible.

So essentially, what I need:

  • For PHPStorm to execute sudo su otheruser after it opens SFTP connection via its Deployment > Browse remote host tool (there doesn't seem to be any option to do that)
  • OR, open SSH tunnel, change to otheruser and make IDE connect to it
  • OR, mount the remote folder locally (my local machine runs OSX) with sshfs (or some other tool, that has the ability to change user after login)

Is this possible? If so, how? Or maybe there is some other/better way to achieve this?

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