I would like to pipe tarballs (.tar.gz files in this case) I download with GNU Wget (wget) through tar -xzf (to decompress them, if this is unclear) but I don't know how. I have tried:

wget -q -O- ${SRC_URI} | tar -xzf > ${DESTDIR}


wget -q -O- ${SRC_URI} | `tar -xzf` > ${DESTDIR}


wget -q -O- ${SRC_URI} | 'tar -xzf' > ${DESTDIR}

not one even came close to doing what I want. I have also tried omitting the output component > ${DESTDIR} and just letting tar to extract the tarball's contents the way it does by default. Each attempt usually either returned an error like:

tar: option requires an argument -- 'f'

before it would download the tarball, or nothing but then I would check for whether the path set by ${DESTDIR} had been created (as I was leaving tar to generate it) and it had not.


As you're extracting a tar.gz file from stdin, you don't need to specify the f option, tar defaults to reading from stdin.

Assuming you want to extract the contents to $DESTDIR, you also need to use GNU tar's -C (change directory) option.

I've also put " quotes around the variables, in case $SRC_URI or $DESTDIR contain any spaces or shell meta-characters - &, *, ? and the like.

Finally, the {} curly braces around the variables aren't strictly necessary here, but I've left them in anyway - they certainly don't cause any harm.

Putting that all together, you get:

wget -q -O- "${SRC_URI}" | tar -xz -C "${DESTDIR}"
  • And you might want to run mkdir "${DESTDIR}" before the command so the -C can effectively change to that directory: mkdir -p "${DESTDIR}" && wget -q -O- "${SRC_URI}" | tar -xz -C "${DESTDIR}" – Camilo Sampedro Oct 4 '18 at 2:24

You need to specify - as the 'file' to extract. The wget command outputs to STDOUT (-O-) and tar needs to use STDIN as input file: tar zxf - to extract.

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