I got a mac laptop and have been using a home directory which is not under my name. After spending some time, I have set preferences and of course one day, I needed to change the home directory name to mine.

So I went into the users account settings, changed my home name, and moved the folder this way:

mv /Users/previous-name /Users/new-name

Everything worked fine, all my preferences are here, except for the terminal's. I tried to manually change the look and feel (with a theme, for instance the "Terminal > Preferences > Red Sands") but no change is taken into account. I still have black text with a white background.

I checked the .bashrc and .bash_profile files and made sure the variable $HOME was set instead of something like /Users/previous-name.

Opening a new terminal tab or window, relogging and restarting don't change anything.

Any thoughts, hints on how to solve that?

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Okay I solved it. Instead of using the preferences from the toolbox Terminal > Preferences, I directly right-clicked on the terminal then chose Show inspector > Settings. Changing the theme to Red Sands there worked, I don't know why the first way did not, if someone knows why and would like to share the reason why. Anyway, problem solved!

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