To do some tests on SSD disk, I need to monitor operations such as number of reads and writes, access timestamp, which address accessed, write policy and so on. I know there is these commands:

$ vmstat

$ blktrace

which other commands are available? I want a set of this type of commands to compare them and use the bests.

  • The man page for vmstat will point you to some other possible tools, in the see also section at the end. – roaima Oct 30 '15 at 11:49

In case the ssd 'test' actually means that you have to test and report the performance of the disk, I'd go for collectd. It's a system performance statistics collection daemon, highly configurable, that has a disk plugin.

There are multiple output options like CSV or RRDTool to make nice graphs if needed.


I really like the following:

  • nmon
  • glances.
  • iotop

But they are linux tools, I don't know which operating systems you have in mind especially.

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