I would like to add a virtual IP address, something you normal do with:

ifconfig eth0:0

(or via /etc/network/interfaces). But, I'd like to do it from the kernel command-line, which has the command format:


However, the format for virtual IP names uses a colon, which is in conflict with the kernel command-line format. So for example, the following non-virtual device eth0 works:


But if I want to use the virtual device eth0:0, the following does not work:


(and I wouldn't expect it to, as the extra colon mucks with the format). Note: doesn't work in this case means it still configures the eth0 device, not the eth0:0 device.

Is there any way to do this?


It doesn't seem possible.

The kernel documentation for the ip parameter says the syntax is


with only one client-ip.

The Linux IP-Aliasing doc says that the colon form is deprecated.

And the ip option simply treats : as a word separator without providing any special way to escape a literal :.


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