When I run transmission-gtk on my Linux Mint, the window is shown as usual but suddenly it crashes. I tried transmission-gtk on terminal and the output was Segmentation fault. I didn't update or upgrade the system before this happened, but I did run sudo apt-get --purge autoremove once.

How can I fix this?


You could try

sudo dpkg-reconfigure transmission-gtk

And, if that doesn't help, completely remove it and reinstall:

sudo apt-get purge transmission-gtk && sudo apt-get install transmission-gtk 

This could also be caused by something in your user's settings. Try renaming transmission's configuration directory:

mv ~/.config/transmission/ ~/.config/transmission.old
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  • one of the torrent files is the reason. i put back all the transmission old/torrents files to new. then it crashed again. i deleted all and tried just a random torrent file. then transmission works fine. – Srinesh Oct 27 '15 at 15:11

I got the same error. After debugging it in IRC channel #transmission (thanks to xn0r!), we found it to be a bug in miniupnp: https://github.com/miniupnp/miniupnp/commit/3a87aa2f10bd7f1408e1849bdb59c41dd63a9fe9

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