I have done lots of things to update.

  1. yum clean all
  2. yum clean metadata
  3. yum clean dbcache

then yum update outputs:

http://mirror.centos.org/centos/5.6/addons/i386/repodata/repomd.xml: [Errno 14] HTTP Error 404: Not Found Trying other mirror.

Error: Cannot retrieve repository metadata (repomd.xml) for repository: addons. Please verify its path and try again

I have also tried

  • setting enabled=0 in /etc/yum.repos.d/CentOS-Media.repo
  • yum -v update --disablerepo=contrib uname -a
  • touch /.autorelabel
  • yum -v update --disablerepo=contrib

but it didn't help.

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Go to the URL in a browser and remove path components from the end and you'll eventually find this: http://mirror.centos.org/centos/5.6/readme, which explains why it's not working. Have you modified your CentOS-Base.repo file earlier?

Update to the latest centos-release RPM manually, eg:

rpm -Uvh http://mirror.centos.org/centos/5/os/i386/CentOS/centos-release-5-7.el5.centos.i386.rpm 

And make sure that the CentOS-Base.repo file from it is used and you should have better luck with yum afterwards.


the latest centos-release RPM: rpm -Uvh http://mirror.centos.org/centos/5/os/i386/CentOS/centos-release-5-9.el5.centos.1.i386.rpm

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