Installed mint-x-icons and mint-x-theme on a fresh Debian 8 testing running Cinnamon (v2.6.13). All themes options could be set to Mint-X, except for Controls.


As soon as it was selected, the Themes window crashed and couldn't be opened again, nor cinnamon-settings in general. Nemo wouldn't start any longer either and there were graphical oddities at many places. The terminal returned segmentation fault for both applications.

Selecting Troubleshoot... > Restore all settings to default in the panel menu doesn't fix it.

Since the default config editor is gone, how do I revert the changes?

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The value to revert is org.cinnamon.desktop.interface.gtk-theme. It can be set back to Adwaita, Debian's Cinnamon default installation value from the terminal with

gsettings set org.cinnamon.desktop.interface gtk-theme Adwaita

or graphically with dconf Editor (dconf-editor package) setting the value Adwaita under

org > cinnamon > desktop > interface > gtk-theme

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