I have tried to use dnsmasq as the name server for virtual machines. On all the vm-s, /etc/resolv.conf indicates the vm need to access to resolve the domain names. However, the interface holding is lying inside a network namespace on the host.

I can ping from both virtual machine and host(inside the network namespace). And lsof -i:53 outside the network namespace shows dnsmasq is listening on port 53. If I run lsof -i:53 inside the network namespace, there is nothing.

If I change the content in /etc/resolv.conf to use any interface's ip address in host's public namespace, the name resolution works well. It seems that dnsmasq process didn't go wrong.

I've tried ip netns exec <THE NAMESPACE> systemctl start dnsmasq after stops dnsmasq, but only see dnsmasq opens its port inside the public namespace.

What should I do if I don't want to modify resolv.conf inside the vm but only configure something on the host? How to make port 53 accessible inside the network namespace?



A network namespace is logically another copy of the network stack, with its own routes, firewall rules, and network devices.

So you need something like this: Iptables to redirect DNS lookup IP and Port

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