I am preparing to implement a filesystem in FUSE. Implementing only one mode would be easier. Relatime is the default behavior of all kernel implemented filesystems. Is strictatime behavior still necessary to be implemented?

Is there any existing software that relies on strictatime behaviour?

What I suspect is NOT broken:

  • Ubuntu removes files from /tmp on reboot, and only if file is older than a specified number of days, as answered in this question. Smallest threshold seems to be 1 day, which is fine for (24 hour) relatime.

I am not sure if this program is really broken by non-strict atime. Could use a confirmation.

tmpwatch checks files (recursively) and removes those that are older than the arbitrary amount of time given by command-line. Man-page says the time given can be as short as 1 hour.

Relatime is supposed to update files after >24 hours, and not only according to docs. That 24 hour interval is hardcoded in kernel source. It is not configurable.

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