Scenario -

SSH client, Windows laptop with Samba enabled (port 445. Don't care about netbios)

SSH server "TestingLAB". This machine has 2 interfaces, "publicIP" which I use to connect from my Windows laptop, "" private IP.

Another machine "MyMachine". This machine has 1 interface, "" which is only accessible from "TestingLAB" (which serves as the gateway)

Now, when I launch a SSH connection from my laptop so - (Cygwin)

ssh -R 11223: TestingLab

I am able to do a Samba mount on TestingLab by doing

mount -t cifs //localhost/share -o port=11223,

However, when I launch a SSH connection from my laptop so -

ssh -R TestingLab

Why am I not able to my Windows laptop share on "MyMachine".

Forward tunnels to "MyMachines" work, so why doesn't ReverseTunnels to MyMachine work?

Note, gatewayPorts is set to ClientSpecified, I also tried setting gatewayPorts to all. AllowTCPforwarding is set too. Basically, I have tried all sane settings, but a socket is never opened on "MyMachine" ever. However, when I Do forward tunnels, the data gets sent. For instance, the usual

ssh -L 80: TestingLab

Lets me do http://localhost on my laptop, and "MyMachine"'s web page pops up.


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