How can I use ls while using -l (long listing) without showing the file permissions?

This is what I want displayed when executing <code>ls</code>

Right now I have the following alias for ls:

alias ls='ls -lhaG --color=auto'

I have found a solution close to what I'm looking for, but it doesn't maintain the syntax colouring or spacing.


ls -lhaG --color=always | sed -re 's/^[^ ]* //'

--color=always makes ls always output colour ESC codes, even when piping to another program.

The sed script removes the first field (the permissions).

NOTE that if you have $LS_OPTIONS='--color=auto' in the environment, then that will override the --color=always option on the command line. In that case, run it like this:

LS_OPTIONS= ls -lhaG --color=always | sed -re 's/^[^ ]* //'

NOTE ALSO that you will probably regret making ls an alias for this as it will make it a PITA to redirect directory listings to a file or to pipe them into another program without getting the ESC colour codes in the output. To see just how ugly this is, try ls -lhaG --color=always | sed -re 's/^[^ ]* //' | cat -A

  • Thank you for that last note, I'll have to make a separate alias for this output. – spenser_l Oct 24 '15 at 3:42

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