$ cat file

Need to move this files to


respectively using a loop or any easy handy way to do that.

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Use a while loop:

while IFS= read -r l; do
  mv -v -- "$l" "${l%/*/*/*}/"
done <file
  • while IFS= read -r l will read the file line by line.
  • mv -v move the files and -v tells mv to be verbose
    • "$l" is the source filename
    • "${l%/*/*/*}/" is the target directory. It removes 3 slashes and what is between them (/*/*/*) from the back end of the filename.

This will produce:

»/tmp/foldera/folderb/folderc/file1“ -> »/tmp/foldera/file1“
»/tmp/folderc/folderd/foldere/file2“ -> »/tmp/folderc/file2“
»/tmp/folderf/folderg/folderh/file3“ -> »/tmp/folderf/file3“

I'll suggest a similar answer as chaos, but using dirname

while IFS= read -r l; do
    mv -- "$l" "$(dirname -- "$(dirname -- "$l")")"
done <file

dirname reports the path of the directory a file/directory is located in. This has the advantage of being able to handle moving a directory as well, in case your file has an entry like:


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