The problem I am trying to solve is that I want to know if a certain PAM config file is being used or not. The latest version of IBM MQ (V8) provides a PAM file /etc/pam.d/ibmmq. We're troubleshooting authtentication problems and I want to know if this file is being used or not.

I thought I should be able to use pam_echo for this but I misunderstood that module's purpose. pam_echo will display the contents of the file specified to the user. This is not what I want I want to somehow log that a module is being called.


I found the following solution that works but I'm open for other suggestions.

pam_exec can be used to call external commands. I'm using a very simple form to print a message to a log file.

auth    optional pam_exec.so log=/var/tmp/ibmmq.log /usr/bin/echo "ibmmq auth"
auth    include system-auth
account optional pam_exec.so log=/var/tmp/ibmmq.log /usr/bin/echo "ibmmq account"
account include system-auth

Note that the log= option needs to be specified before the command and that you need to fully qualify the paths.

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