I have a Bluetooth headset Suicen AX610. My system is Debian 8.1.

I want to run my headset, but I can't.

Debian 8.1 can find the headset,

enter image description here

But, Debian 8.1 can't pair the headset,

enter image description here

I try to set Connection for on, but it does not work.

I haven't installed any package. Because I looked many websites and each one says to set up the Bluetooth in a different way.

For instance, install a single package

$ sudo apt-get install bluez-tools

or install a lot of packages

$ sudo apt-get install bluez-audio pavucontrol bluez-firmware bluez-tools

or ...

$ sudo apt-get install bluez-utils bluez-gnome bluez-alsa

Can anyone help me with this issue?

My bluetooth folder:

$ ls /etc/bluetooth/
input.conf  main.conf  network.conf  proximity.conf


I solved this problem, but my solution isn't good and I can't explain my solution. I used trial and error method.

  1. Install a lot of packeges

    $ sudo apt-get install gnome-bluetooth pulseaudio pulseaudio-module-bluetooth pavucontrol blueman bluetooth bluez

  2. Edit /etc/default/bluetooth to enable the following


  3. Get ???

    $ hcitool con

    Connections: < ACL 00:11:67:00:52:55 handle 2 state 1 lm MASTER AUTH ENCRYPT

  4. Create .asoundrc

    $ sudo pico ~/.asoundrc

    pcm.bluetooth { type bluetooth device "00:11:67:00:52:55" profile "auto" }

    pcm.pulse { type pulse }

    ctl.pulse { type pulse }

    pcm.!default { type pulse }

    ctl.!default { type pulse }

  5. Reboot the system

  6. pairing by system tray

  7. $ sudo killall pulseaudio

  8. pairing again


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You might just need to delete the pairing, then in terminal enter sudo pactl load-module module-bluetooth-discover then pair with the headset


sudo service bluetooth restart

This restores my headset as an output device in gnome sound settings, as it sometimes disappears. The headset syncs/pairs/connects, but does not appear in the control panel (or alsamixer) and so I cannot switch audio devices.


With blueman-applet I did it for a bluetooth speaker like this without restarting pulseaudio:

  • Run blueman-applet
  • Pair my bluetooth speaker
  • Right click it in blueman-applet window
  • Choose "Connect -> Audio Sink"
  • In pavucontrol in "Configuration" tab, switched my sound card from "Analog Stereo Duplex" to "Off" and chose "High Fidelity Playback (A2DP Sink) for my speaker.

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