Enum files in java can get messy in structure, I'm trying to get Just the Enum names

import com.mckesson.dex.model.activityLog.concreteFactory.ModifiedPropertyYesNoFactory;

public enum OrganizationActivityLogItemType implements IActivityLogItemType<OrganizationActivityLog>, DisplaysAs

    @Deprecated GENE_VARIANT_PUBLIC( "Gene Variant/Mutation/Allele", null ),

    VARIANTS_MUTATIONS( "Variants/Mutations/ Alleles/Loci/Probes", ALFactory.PUBLIC_PRIVATE ),
    CATEGORIES( "Categories", null ),
    PUBLIC_VISIBLITY_COVERED_WHEN_MEETS_NECESSITY_CRITERIA( "Covered - When Meets Medical Necessity Criteria",
                                                            ALFactory.PUBLIC_PRIVATE ),
        "Not Covered - Investigational",
        ALFactory.PUBLIC_PRIVATE ),
        "Not Covered - Not Medically Necessary",
        ALFactory.PUBLIC_PRIVATE ),

This is close-ish, but I feel like it could probably be done better.

awk '{ print $1 }' My.java | grep -v '^"' | grep -v '^ALFactory' | sed -e 's/(//'

How can I get just the Enum names from an enum file using unix cli tools?

solutions need to be portable to OS X at least, as that's my working environment, though I would prefer that it also work on Linux.

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Here is a script in perl that does it. Doing it just piping commands in the command line is either not possible or not maintainable. A naive approach would be

perl -npe 's/\b|\s+/\n/g' < My.java | grep '^[A-Z]\+_[A-Z_]\+'

but the script below is better:

#!perl -w
my $content = do { local $/; <> };
my @tokens = split /\b|\s+/, $content;
my $n = 0;
my $skip;

foreach (@tokens) {
    $n++; $skip = 0;
    next if /\s+/;
    next if /"/ ... /"/;    # skip strings
    next if /\(/ .. /\)/;   # skip parameters
    next if /@/ .. /^\w+$/; # skip annotations
    $skip ||= 1  if $n == 1 .. /\benum\b/; # skip from beginning to enum
    $skip ||= 1  if /enum/ .. /\{/; # skip to open bracket
    next if $skip;
    last if /\}/;

    print $_, "\n";

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